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About The Design Print Distribution Group

The Design Print Distribution Group (DPDG) is the UK’s fastest-growing door drop print marketing business. It helps its clients to grow through the power of print and offline marketing.

DPDG is a door drop leaflet distribution franchise founded by Mike Ethridge and Lee Phillips in 2014 with its head office based in Bristol. Its aim is to get its clients the exposure and new enquiries that they need as business owners and to provide them with great value marketing. DPDG works closely with local companies such as estate agents, retirement homes, restaurants, local councils, through to nationwide businesses such as Deliveroo, Dominoes, David Lloyd, Specsavers and more so that they can benefit from this form of marketing.

How does The Design Print Distribution Group franchise model work?

The DPDG business model is not only proven and thriving but is growing year on year. It provides franchisees with unlimited support and everything needed to start getting clients on board from day one!

Its B2B paradigm affords business owners the opportunity to develop repeat business relationships with ongoing high volume-based loyal customers. Unlike some of its competitors and many other franchises that you may have considered in general while thinking about your next business venture, at The Design Print Distribution Group, your franchise has four avenues of potential income for you to take advantage of and to build yourself a successful business around.

  • Leaflet distribution: The need for this has never been greater, volumes grow year on year. Your local town or city is full of businesses with potential customers and you can help them find them whilst making very healthy margins.
    • Print management: Print marketing is still a big part of the overall marketing picture. You can help your clients with all their print requirements, again with healthy profit margins.
    • Direct mail campaigns: DPDG’s clients sometimes have a specific idea of their target audience. With a data-driven direct mail campaign, you can help them reach their target market, after all, every business would like more customers.
    • Graphic design: All the above needs designing, sometimes clients will do this themselves but often not, another thing you can help with and a very easy upsell.

Design Print Distribution Group

What attributes does DPDG look for in its franchisees?

The Design Print Distribution Group is seeing strong demand from businesses that use leaflet campaigns as part of their marketing strategy. It has thus expanded its network and is looking for more candidates to take this forward by using its successful business model and replicating it in other areas in the UK.

Does this sound like you?

• Are you looking for a new challenge?
• Are you used to dealing with small businesses, particularly B2C, and understand what makes them tick?
• Have you worked in marketing, so you have a strong sense of how to reach a target audience?
• Are you great at customer service and want to help small businesses?
• Do you have a background in logistics?
• Are you ambitious, entrepreneurial and want to make the most of what is a fantastic opportunity?
• Are you excited at the prospect of a new challenge?
• Are you hard-working, committed and driven?

If you answered yes to at least some of those questions, then you could be just who DPDG is looking for and can’t wait to hear from you.

What training and support does The Design Print Distribution Group provide its franchisees?

As part of the franchise model, franchisees are provided with a training programme to help familiarise themselves with all aspects of the business. Before launching the business, franchisees undergo comprehensive training through the brand’s head office, covering all of the products and services and reviewing their business model.

Once a new franchise is established, The Design Print Distribution Group will also help provide ongoing support, guidance and advice relating to any issues. A franchise support manager will continue ongoing weekly updates and help with any issues.

Franchisees will also receive a start-up pack, which includes everything that you need to start the business such as branded stationery, marketing materials, your own website, GPS trackers, your own manual with step-by-step guides on all aspects of the business as well as all the hardware and software needed to run your business.

Training is ongoing and the head office support team are always on hand to help you in all aspects of growing your own successful business and providing excellent customer service.

Design Print Distribution

How much does a The Design Print Distribution Group franchise opportunity cost?

To start a franchise with the leaflet distribution company, the total investment is £15,000.

What location or territories is The Design Print Distribution Group looking to operate in?

Franchise territories are available across the UK – the brand is keen to expand widely over the coming years and new franchise opportunities are always emerging. To find out about current territories for leaflet delivery franchises, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

The leaflet distribution business already has locations in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Exeter, Plymouth, Sheffield, and Reading. It is looking for franchisees in locations of big cities and towns with around 100,000-plus households in the area which helps to maximise the opportunity for the franchisee.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

The franchise agreement is a five-year contract with the option to renew at no further cost.

Why is The Design Print Distribution Group franchise a good investment?

  • Exclusive territory of operation
    • Ongoing and unlimited support
    • Four different income streams
    • Full training of all aspects of the business
    • A wide range of marketing material for your business
    • Exclusive access to its customer relationship system
    • Self-development and business training
    • Low-cost start-up, low overheads and low risk

How in demand is The Design Print Distribution Group services?

What DPDG does helps businesses grow and be successful. Because it does that so well, its services are always in high demand. The business is growing year on year so the scale of the opportunity is high.

How can I get started on running my own The Design Print Distribution Group franchise?

To find out more about starting your own The Design Print Distribution Group franchise business, get in touch with the company by clicking on the enquiry button found on this page.

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