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Businesses spend a huge amount of time and money perfecting the brand design, colours, tone of voice and visual image overall. Without control, your local teams or partners can create a social post with a distorted logo, bizarre colour, communicating off message.

Franchises with multiple locations or multiple members ranges from being afraid of social media to the extreme of allowing their franchisees or partners to post whatever they want.

We want to introduce you to Esemdee, our purpose-built multi-site social media management and marketing platform.

Esemdee has been specifically designed to address the complexities of franchise and multi-site social media marketing. It is a business efficiency and impact tool that can transform how you manage your social media.

ESEMDEE – Multi-site social media marketing made simple

It not only has all you would expect from a ‘standard’ social media tool but much more. It is purpose-designed to make your social media activity easier, less time-consuming, and more effective, utilising features like:

Scheduler: Plan, preschedule and post your social messages efficiently

Template database: Tap into a vast database of post ideas and templates alongside an amazing image library, to stimulate ideas and speed up social post creation

Custom templates: Create and store re-usable branded templates for your business, so every post looks consistent and on-brand on every social platform, removing time-consuming compliance issues and policing of individual users.

Multi-site publishing: Create and schedule up a complete social media campaign for multiple social pages from one central location

RSS Feed: Create ready to use posts directly from web page articles and blogs
Analytics: Bespoke and fully customisable reporting and analysis.

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