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Free Online Franchise Training Courses

Quality Franchise Association have partnered with Runo Group to provide a number of franchise training courses which cover the many aspects of franchising including franchising your business, and buying a franchise.

The franchise training courses are free to use. Each course consists of a number of models about the different parts of franchising such as:

  • What is franchising?
  • What documentation is part of the franchising model?
  • The key roles in business format franchising
  • Responsibilities of key players in franchising a business

Each course also includes a quiz at the end with a number of questions to test your knowledge. Successful completion of the course provides you with a certificate in acknowledgement of your efforts to complete the course.

All online franchise training are provided using our online Learning Management System ( LMS ). The LMS will enable us to deliver several different training courses for both Franchisors & Franchisee’s. Some of the courses we are working on include a franchising induction course for potential Franchisors & Franchisee’s to explain what franchising is & what is involved to more detailed courses of specific areas of franchising.

To enroll on the franchise training courses, visit