Franchising Professional Qualification

All individuals working within franchising are entitled to apply to be accredited as a Verified Franchising Professional. As a standards based association accreditation is a stringent process & to apply you must be able to demonstrate the following;

  • Min 3 years practical franchising experience
  • Any other relevant professional qualifications required for your role
  • Career background summary ( last 10 years )
  • 2 references that demonstrate your franchising experience

The accreditation process consists of the QFA accreditation panel reviewing your application & receiving acceptable references & takes upto 3 weeks. We may also ask for additional information or clarification regarding any part of your application.

If successful you will be awarded your certification & will also be able to use the VFP logo & the post-nominal initials VFP to demonstrate to colleagues & clients your franchising experience & expertise.

Becoming a Verified Franchising Professional will not require attendance to any QFA events or any additional costs other than a small, one-off fee of £150 to cover administrative expenses. All VFP accredited individuals will be subject to an annual review to retain accreditation, this is free if you work for a QFA member.

What if I don’t work for a QFA member or I move company?

VFP is a personal accreditation & is open to everyone, not just individuals that work for QFA members. The above process for individuals that do not work for QFA members is the same, as is the £150 one-off fee to cover administration expenses. The only additional ongoing costs is a small fee of just £49 to cover our administrative costs for your annual review.

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