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Overview of the Franchise

Ezy-Clean Windows Ltd are pleased to announce that we have existing and established window cleaning franchise for sale in the Orpington & Bromley area. The unique franchise system means that you benefit from increased efficiency meaning more time can be spent growing your franchise. This is an owner / operator type franchise. By following the franchise system you can be running a profitable business from week 1!

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Overview of the Franchisee Role

Our unparalleled knowledge of the domestic window cleaning industry means that you don’t need any previous experience in either using the Reach and Wash system or knowledge of the industry. Our excellent training will have you cleaning like a professional and making a return on your investment in no time!


Overview of the Industry

Over many years we have gained the knowledge of how to build and run a successful window cleaning business. Our key strategy is to build a franchise business within a set territory, then apply our knowledge to mould it into a fully working and profitable model. At this point we then franchise that territory with the knowledge that the business is profitable and provable to prospective franchisees.

  • The territory consists of over 300 ongoing repeat business customers either on a 4 weekly or 8 weekly cycle. The ‘customer list’ consists of full contact details, full payment history and future cleaning schedule. There is enough business to operate the business immediately providing enough work to operate every week of the year.
  • The territory on offer is a very established area. The opportunity for further growth within the franchise territory is excellent and all of our existing franchisees have seen significant organic growth.
  • There are very few established competitors. One man operations exist and are prevalent throughout the South East and the market remains competitive. However, customer loyalty to the EZY-CLEAN brand is high and helped by our Trustpilot and general online presence.

The use of innovative field service software enables you to operate the franchise remotely and at any time, with or without mobile phone signal.

We use all segments of the marketing mix to enhance and retain our client base. Chiefly:

  • Direct sales
  • Excellent local Google search rankings
  • Online customer chat on the website
  • Excellent Trustpilot listing
  • Regular use of Social media strands (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Frequent email marketing to existing customers

The franchise business will generate a minimum of £60,000 revenue within year 1. New franchisees can expect to earn £600-£700 per week after costs and service fees WITHIN 2 WEEKS of starting the business.

Following our ‘heads up’ strategy and natural growth you can expect to increase the customer base significantly within 6 months. Simple common sense business improvement strategies exist to enable the franchisee to achieve this.

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