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Melanie BettsGrapevine PR is a public relations consultancy dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality public relations (PR), media relations and communications services to business-to-business clients throughout the UK. In other words, we generate great press coverage! The company was set up 17 years ago and Mel Betts, founder of Grapevine has more than 25 years’ experience in the franchise industry promoting companies, often to support franchisee recruitment.

Grapevine can provide managed PR projects to help generate leads for franchise recruitment through the issue of press releases, articles and case studies drafted and placed with the appropriate media. As a small organisation, projects can be tailored to exact requirements to ensure the best outcome for clients.

“I’ve worked with Mel at two separate franchised organisations. She knows the sector inside out and consistently delivers high quality, original and creative copy which has resulted in many published articles to support our franchise recruitment efforts.” – Anthony Round, Franchise Director, Burger & Sauce

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