Receive Expert Legal Advice When Franchising or Buying Into a Franchise 



GZ Legal advise both established franchises and those considering entering the franchising world. We have a history of helping our clients understand the complexities of franchise agreements, ensuring that they make informed decisions about the business opportunities before them. Our team provides clear, professional advice and support to franchisors, franchisees and potential investors in the UK. 

We also specialise in corporate acquisitions, tailored for those looking to buy an existing franchise business. Our team of corporate lawyers have a wealth of experience offering affordable assistance to businesses in the UK. We understand the challenges and opportunities that mergers and acquisitions can present, and we are well-placed to provide advice and support to you during all M&A stages. 

Why choose us 

  • AI-powered firm, we are 30%+ more affordable than the competition whilst working on a fixed fee basis. 
  • We offer a done-for-you service. All you need to do is tell us about your situation, we will do the rest. 
  • Averaging £900K acquisition deals, you can trust us to handle your business. 
  • We have never had a bad review, with nothing but 5 stars on Google

For Franchisor 

We offer a comprehensive full-service offering to help our franchise clients establish and run their business. Our legal services include: 

  • Drafting the necessary commercial contracts, such as the franchise agreement, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and more 
  • Advising on legal implications of franchising strategies 
  • Guidance on the franchisee’s obligations to comply with franchising laws and regulations 
  • Assistance with dispute resolution; 
  • Advising on intellectual property protection for proprietary marks and other branding elements, including registering trade marks
  • Ongoing legal advice throughout all stages of the franchising process.


For Franchisees

Whether you are looking to buy into a franchise or acquire an existing franchisee, we can help. 

When buying into a franchise, we will advise you on the legal implications of signing the franchise agreement. 

When acquiring an existing franchise business, we will conduct legal due diligence on the target company and minimise risks by drafting a comprehensive share purchase agreement. 

Recent Work 

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  • GZ Legal Advises on Acquisition of an Int. Real Estate Agency Franchise. Read more here.
  • Fashion Franchise Flourishes With GZ Legal. Read more here.

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