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Vestd is the UK’s most popular share scheme and equity management platform for SMEs. Thousands of owners use Vestd to design, launch and manage share schemes.

Aligning teams

We help your franchisees build teams that are all in.

Franchising is a powerful model where owners are aligned with the interests of the franchisor and supercharged to work hard for the best outcomes for their business.

That level of commitment is precisely what a share scheme can unleash too. Giving someone even just a fraction of the business transforms their relationship with it. They’re more likely to stay loyal and give it their all.

We call this the Ownership Effect, which more and more franchises are discovering for themselves. Share schemes help improve:

  • Retention and motivation

  • Brand loyalty

  • The bottom line

  • Customer service and experience

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Award-winning multi-site owner Suhail Rehman recalls his experience of setting up a share scheme with Vestd for his Home Instead franchise:

Vestd for franchisors

  • Get a free consultation call with a share scheme specialist

  • Bespoke share scheme design for your franchisees

  • Save time, money and paperwork with legal docs and digital signing

  • Help communicate the proposition to your franchisee

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We’re delighted to offer QFA members 10% off the first year. To redeem this offer, just mention QFA during your consultation call.

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