Interview with Oven Wizards franchisor John Graham

Oven Wizards

Oven Wizards is the UK’s fastest growing oven cleaning Franchise. As part of the Oven Wizards Franchise community, you will receive the best value for money oven cleaning Franchise package on the market, together with the hands-on support of the successful and experienced Franchise business owners from day one.

Can you tell us about your career to date?

I Area Retail Director at Barclays in Manchester, Head of Customer Service at Standard Life in Guildford/Stockport/India.

Leading large multi-site teams with a relentless focus on delivering world class customer service.

What is your current role?

Managing Director Oven Wizards Franchising Limited for the last 11 years

Can you tell us about your company?

Mark Abbott and myself acquired Oven Wizards in 2010 when it had 3 existing Franchisees. We own and operate the business ourselves delivering a professional oven cleaning service to predominantly domestic customers

How many franchisees does the company currently have?

We have over 60 Franchisees working across nearly 70 Territories in the UK with over 90 vans on the road.

What are your targets for franchise growth over the next 3 years?

We will be looking for continued steady growth over the next 3 years, to ensure we can seek out new Franchisees to grow our community whilst also providing our existing Franchisees with the support they deserve. This strategy has resulted in a very high renewal rate across our Oven Wizards community. We continue to look for new Franchisees who have the right attitude, are good with people and have a passion to deliver world class customer service.

Please tell us about your franchisee training & support?

From the initial enquiry all the interactions are with the Directors and business owners, Mark and myself. We make the initial contact, carry out the initial meetings, co-ordinate and deliver the initial training and provide ongoing support by phone, e mail and face to face.

What is the investment requirement for a single unit franchise?

You will only ever pay us two amounts, an initial franchise fee of £15,000 plus vat and a Monthly Management fee of £240 plus vat. No marketing fees, IT support fees etc. The Monthly Management Fee is fixed, so the more you earn, the more you keep. You can also access a very good Oven Wizards discount we have with Citroen for a new van or you can source your own.

What characteristics are you seeking in new prospective franchisees?

We have helped people from all sorts of backgrounds to launch and grow their own successful oven cleaning Franchise business under the Oven Wizards brand name.

What we are looking for are people with the right attitude. No previous experience is required.

What are your hobbies, interests, personal achievements?

I love spending time with my family and I am interested in all sports mainly Football, Golf and Cricket. I played football until I was about 45. I cycle and walk to keep fit and enjoy other people’s company, eating out and travelling to see all parts of the UK.

In “Corporate World” I developed large multi-site teams to achieve multi-disciplined goals. I then switched from PAYE to self-employment and have worked tirelessly with my business partner to develop a very successful oven cleaning brand in the home services sector.

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This article features in Franchise Entrepreneur, magazine of the Quality Franchise Association. You can read the full magazine here.