QFA Welcomes 2Circles Consulting as a Partner Member

The Quality Franchise Association is delighted to welcome 2Circles Consulting as a Partner Member.

2Circles Consulting provide a wide range of communication solutions to small, medium and sub-corporate sized businesses, operating in the UK from their head offices in Scotland. Providing bespoke broadband, voice and mobile packages, the QFA’s latest partner members are able to cater for every business’s unique requirements.

The recent COVID pandemic has shown just how important effective communication is within businesses. With many employees having worked from home for the best part of 2020 and into 2021, getting into the habit of communicating with team members from the perspective of telephone, VoIP, video calls and more has become a day to day regularity.

Things like poor internet connections, bad phone lines and ageing hardware don’t have to hold your franchise business and franchisees back, for 2Circles Consulting’s key focus for franchise networks is to reduce costs, teach and inform and create a cohesive network between franchisors and their franchisees.

Quality Franchise Association comments: “It’s a pleasure to welcome 2Circles Consulting to the QFA. We believe Jess and her team provide services which are useful to the franchising sector and will be beneficial to both franchises and other partner members through their provision of high quality communications solutions.”

2Circles Consulting