Questions Franchisors Should Ask Franchisees

Principally, all franchisees or budding entrepreneurs need to be versatile in order to become successful. That being said, each time you go for an interview to become a franchisee, you may be hit with questions that are specific to the business itself, and the roles they need you to play. For example, food franchises UK vs work from home franchises may have a different criteria for hiring a franchisee, and franchisees also set their expectations according to which category they are passionate about working in. Here are the questions franchisors should ask franchisees.

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Q1) ‘What Goals Do You Want To Achieve?’

It is important to see whether the franchisor and the franchisee have complementary goals when accepting this new venture. Are the franchisor’s goals in line with the potential franchisees, and can they both help each other achieve their goals? This question is a good evaluator for both the franchisor and the franchisee.

Q2) ‘How Much Experience Do You Have In Franchising?’

The franchising business model is vastly different from self and corporate employment. First time franchisees may not be suited to the demands of franchising, so franchisors may find it appropriate to ask this question.

Q3) ‘Which Areas Are You Considering To Open Up Our Franchise In?’

Most franchisors look to recruit franchisees in order to expand their business to other areas. Thus, if the franchisee has already done their homework and have figured out the location where they will set up the franchise, they will probably impress the franchisor. Franchisors completely understand the advantage of hiring someone who has strong local connections, and can infiltrate communities that will be interested in the business.

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