Thumbs up from Stelios as QFA expands collaboration with easyGroup

Thumbs up from Stelios as QFA expands collaboration with easyGroup


We are delighted to receive the following feedback from Sir Stelios. He is a true inspiration to entrepreneurs across the world & we look forward to further collaboration with easyGroup franchise brands;

“I have always been a supporter of people taking charge of the future by starting their own business. And franchising is a great way to do that.

“In fact, it’s one the best routes to starting and growing a new business. However the challenge is the “follow through” – that is developing and training franchisee knowledge throughout the company for medium and long-term growth. This can be made a lot simpler with help from outside.

“Franchise trade associations can help provide the innovation, growth & leadership skills required. The Quality Franchise Association and others all provide these services to the ambitious entrepreneur. Several of the easyGroup franchise brands are already QFA members – sharing and promoting business success among all the “easy” brand family members.

“Remember – there is never anything like too much knowledge.”




Joel Bissitt, CEO comments “Stelios has been a hero of mine since watching the Airline TV series back in the late nineties. It’s incredible when watching that series & his success that he was just 28 at the time! I have followed his career ever since. He has done so much to support franchising so I am delighted to receive this feedback, & look forward to working more closely with easyGroup franchise brands.”


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