Why is the UK Business Telecoms Market A Huge Opportunity?

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Why is the UK Business Telecoms Market such a huge opportunity right now?

The UK telecoms market has always been a great place to be in business, delivering excellent long-term income for small and medium size reseller businesses offering an innovative and Leading-Edge product set, but what is so special about this in 2021?

With the announcement that Openreach (the company that used to be BT) are Switching-off the UK copper PSTN telephone system starting April 2025, there is now an urgency for all UK businesses to upgrade to new generation Internet Access and Voice over IP. Pink Connect are brilliantly placed to provide these services and every UK Business must place orders and buy from someone!

Join us online for an in depth look at our brilliant Franchising Opportunity! We are seeking individuals who are looking to create their own business success! If you are looking to purchase a Franchise or are a professional that would like to understand how you can capitalise on your network, this event will be highly valuable, offering a great opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals, existing established Pink Connect Franchisees and explore what your personal journey to business success would look like.

We have been supplying leading-edge Business Telecoms and IT since 2002. We provide an innovative set of Business Communication, IT, Cybersecurity and Commercial Power products, essential purchases for every business in the UK, a market that has constantly proven to be highly profitable. There are almost 6 million businesses trading in the UK today, all of whom need some or all the products and services that we provide.

With extensive Franchise business experience and leading-edge communications products and expertise, we will guide you and your new Telecoms and IT Business through launch, to take advantage of the huge demand for secure, “new generation” Business Communications.

Simply put, we need Franchise partners like you to scale sales and capture the burgeoning Business VoIP and Internet marketplace.

If you are a motivated, independent, dedicated individual, willing to work with us to expand the customer network in your Postcode area, join us on our Pink Connect Franchise Discovery call, or feel free to discuss areas and business densities with our franchise team. Critically, once an area is taken, it is unavailable to anyone else.

We have limited spaces available for this event, secure your place as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the event, please click to find out more.

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