Quality Franchise Association announces QFA Code of Conduct

I am delighted to announce the Quality Franchise Association has it’s own new QFA Code of Conduct. Unlike other franchising trade associations that follow the European Franchise Federation ( EFF ) code we felt that a new code that was easier to follow & less bureaucratic was needed to avoid confusion & grow franchising in the UK.

Franchising is not regulated by government in the UK therefore the QFA, like other franchise associations are trade associations, not regulatory bodies. We felt that rather than following a code being created by a collaboration of people across Europe that a better code could be created using the wealth of knowledge & experience we have in the UK franchising sector. Our code has not been created by people working for franchise associations, it has been created by UK franchising professionals including Franchisors, lawyers & consultants.

The QFA Code of Conduct is easy to read & understand & has been created by a collaboration of Franchisors & franchising professionals to address the practicalities of franchising & attempt to reduce disputes between Franchisors & Franchisee’s by creating an easy to understand Code of Conduct.

A practical Code of Conduct for franchising will naturally need to change and evolve so we will be updating the code as & when is required with input from UK franchising professionals & this is easily achieved with a less bureaucratic approach that we adopt at the QFA.

The QFA exists to promote ethical franchising & put franchise association membership & access to ethical best practice within the reach of all Franchisors. We believe our Code of Conduct will assist both Franchisors, Franchisee’s & help UK franchising to grow.

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