Why Franchisees Need To Write A Business Plan

Purchasing a franchise is a big decision that involves intense dedication of time and money. In order for franchisees to successfully run their franchises UK, they need to get some preparations done. The first steps to take when owning a franchise is to prepare a business plan. Here are a few reasons why franchisees need to write a business plan (and keep updating it as needed).

For Financing Purposes

One of the main purposes of a business plan is to secure funding by third-parties. Lenders are often pessimistic to provide loan to individuals or entities who need money to open a franchise until they start generating profits. A business plan can be used as a guide by lenders to know whether the franchise will be profitable and successful in the future. It also helps them to gauge when they will be able to make their loan payments on a consistent and timely basis. No matter what types of franchises you are operating, whether home-based franchises or van-based franchises, a business plan is absolutely necessary to secure finances.


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Anticipate Challenges and Keep Expectations At Bay

A business plan can provide valuable insights to a franchisee and help them understand the viability of the investment that they have made. A business plan is a representation of the challenges to come and can help to keep your expectations in check. The business plan also works as a guide for franchisees to reach their goals and should be updated accordingly.

Importance of Business Plans For Food Franchises UK

One of the most competitive type of franchises has to be food franchises UK, and even the rise of coffee franchises that operate similarly. A business plan is crucial to analyse your gains and losses and keep you on track to utilize your business’s USP.

What Must be Included in a Business Plan?

A typical business plan for a food franchise would include:

  • An executive summary
  • Company description
  • Organization and Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Line
  • Marketing and sales
  • Financial Projections
  • Appendix

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