The Process of Recruiting Franchisees

The Process Of Recruiting Franchisees That Are Right For Your Business


If you want to develop a viable franchise network, you will need to make sure that you do not recruit franchisees by considering them as an investors, but rather as business units of your organization. Thus, selecting the right franchisee is a crucial step in expanding your business successfully so you must exercise great precaution during the selection process. Here is how to recruit franchisees that are right for your franchises in the UK.

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What Should New Franchises UK Keep In Mind When Recruiting Franchisees?

Here are a few measures new franchises the UK should adopt to avoid problems during the recruiting process:

Market The Franchise Effectively

Portraying your franchise as an excellent business opportunity should be the first step of recruitment process as you have to appeal to your franchisees as much as they have to appeal to you. Advertising your franchise on avenues such as Franchise UK by employing an effective social media marketing strategy can really help you to get responses from excellent candidates.


It can be an advantage to get many people interested in purchasing a franchise from you, but that also means that you need to filter through the responses accordingly. You need to list down your personal requirements, which will differ according to the type of franchise you have, for examples, the requirement for home-based franchises in comparison to coffee franchises or van-based franchises will greatly differ. The application form should be asking for all the obvious details such as work experience, contact details, area of interest, and most important about their credit scores. After confirming the details and ensuring that they have good credit score, you can provide them with your disclosure document and a franchise agreement that is unsigned.

Psychometric Testing and Interviews

Psychometric testing can help you gauge the personality characteristics of the applicant, which can give you an insight on whether or not they are fit to be a franchisee. Then comes the most important interview process, before which you can call their referrals to learn more about the applicant to conduct the interview more effectively. You may also understand what the franchisee wants out of this opportunities. If they are suitable, you can complete the formalities and voila, they become your franchisee!

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