Is MagiKats right for you?

When thinking about opening your own business, things have to feel ‘right’. But what does that actually mean?

If you are researching tuition franchises, then you will already know that there are lots of programmes out there. Some focus entirely on worksheet-based learning, some use software. Some require shop premises, some are home based. In our opinion, the MagiKats programme is the best out there (we would say that), but does the way we run our programme fit with what you want to offer? Lots of our recent recruits have had direct experience of MagiKats already – either as parents or mentors – so choosing MagiKats was the obvious choice for them. But what about you? What can you do to decide MagiKats is the ‘right’ programme for you and the kids in your area?

We have a website which is all about MagiKats – take a look. Look at our Vimeo channel too. If there is a MagiKats centre not too far away then get in touch with us and we can arrange for you to visit it. Make sure our programme is the ‘right’ one.


MagiKats is a small, family run business. As such, all our franchisees are basically extended family! As part of the process of finding the ‘right’ franchisee, we look to see if we can see ourselves working closely with them. We also try to picture that person heading up a MagiKats centre in their area – will they be a great advocate and representative of our programme within their community?

So, are you active in the local community? Do you know the ins and outs of the traffic? As part of the process of getting started with MagiKats, we look with you at lots of these factors, using the latest demographic data and software to map out individual MagiKats areas. However, this information has to be balanced with what you know – so it’s a collaborative process.

Most importantly, you also have to feel that you could work closely with us and the other MagiKats Principals, and be the face of MagiKats in your area. The only way to discover that is to be talking to us – getting to know us (and us getting to know you) – working out exactly what you want and whether we, together, are the ‘right’ fit.


It’s reasonable to assume that the best time to open a new Tuition Centre would be at the start of the academic year, or possibly in January. That’s not necessarily right! Yes, demand from parents will peak in the Autumn and Spring terms, but it takes a while for a new centre to ‘get known’ in the area, so starting ahead of a new term can often lead to better growth – start to build a good reputation and then you can take advantage of that increased demand when it is there. Depending on your individual circumstances – really you can open a MagiKats Tuition Centre at any time!

Some people join our network within weeks of their initial enquiry – others, quite literally, take years to do so! That’s because the timing has to be ‘right’. There’s no point starting something new if you don’t have the time to invest into it. If there’s something in the background holding you back – the timing is not ‘right’. Wait until you can’t think of anything apart from MagiKats – then go for it!

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