How to Effectively Employ Part-Time Employees for Your Franchise


The undeniable popularity and undisputed hallowed position of franchising in today’s world makes it a very effective way of doing business. Entrepreneurs both here in the UK and around the world have been taking more and more interest in franchising.

In fact, it is the preferred mode of doing business for many of them. Whether serial entrepreneurs or aspiring ones, they all seem to want to get in on the act and have their own thriving franchise. Despite not exactly being a novel concept, its popularity seems to have skyrocketed in recent times.

Franchises are almost everywhere and in every industry in the United Kingdom. There is also a great variety when it comes to the types of franchises. In fact, when talking about the types of franchises UK has, you can be pretty sure that there are all of them here. These include home-based franchises, part-time franchises, food franchises, van-based franchises, among others.

Their impact has been tremendous globally. Here in the UK, it has been nothing short of miraculous. Franchises are responsible for the livelihoods of thousands of people. Any type of franchise UK has will most probably offer gainful employment and people working at these places can afford to enjoy a decent enough standard of living.

Furthermore, the business that franchises carry out is responsible for the injection of millions of pounds into the British economy year on year. It is a win-win for everyone. And if you are planning on buying a franchise of your own so that all the advantages of a franchise can be availed, you need to fully understand a few things.

Firstly, you need to be crystal clear about your goals and objectives. You must be absolutely sure about what you want to achieve by owning a franchise. After that, you need to know what does owning a franchise mean. In addition, the potential pros and cons of franchising a business must be researched in depth and properly understood.

You should proceed with owning a franchise only after you have all these areas covered. After you become a franchisee, one of the biggest challenges is having the right people around you to manage it successfully. You need to have a proper method and pattern to your recruitment so that you are able to find the most competent people.

In this regard, a good strategy would be to use a combination of full-time and part-time employees. There are a number of things you can do to effectively employ part-time personnel. These include the following.

Design Part-Time Jobs

When you are employing part-time individuals to work for you, there are a few things that you need to ensure. These include the following:

  • The job roles should be in accordance with part-time work arrangements. You cannot have a part-timer take on a job that demands complete full-time attention.
  • Make your recruitment process convenient for part-time job applicants. Schedule interviews for later in the day or at whatever time the candidates can be easily available without sacrificing other engagements on their calendar.
  • Make sure that your communication channels allow easy interaction between yourself and your part-time employees.

Also, you need to design specific part-time roles for your part-time team members. Be clear about what you expect from them and want them to achieve. Carefully think about and assign the tasks that they need to complete. This will provide an indication of the extent of flexibility that is available around the part-time roles in your company.

Determining Work Hours

The following things need to be considered when you determine the working hours for your part-time workers.

  • The approximate time needed to complete each task.
  • Do any of the tasks to be handled by the part-timers have to be done at a specific time or can they all be handled at any time?
  • How a particular part-time employee will fit into the prevalent structure and environment of your company.

These are all areas which need to be given proper consideration when creating a part-time employment plan.


In the end, you need to provide an enabling environment to your part-timers so that they can do their jobs just as well as the full-timers. Delegating effectively is a major part of running a successful business and your part-time employees can be vital cogs in your franchising wheel.

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