Activ Digital Marketing Launches Exciting New Franchise Opportunity

Join the Award-Winning Team and Empower Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!


Activ Digital Marketing, the award winning digital marketing franchise, is thrilled to announce the launch of its ground breaking franchise model, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to step into the vibrant world of digital marketing with a trusted and award-winning partner. 

Under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Katie Bullon, activ Digital Marketing is opening its doors to passionate individuals, enabling them to become part of the company’s success story.

The new model offers two distinct franchise paths, to enable individuals to choose their own business journey and carve their own path in the world of digital marketing. 

Activ Digital Marketing’s new franchise offering presents prospective business owners with two exciting avenues for growth: the Location Franchise and the Consultant Franchise.

The Location Franchise will be on offer for individuals that are driven, have a passion for business success, an interest in marketing but do not need a marketing background, as full training and support will be offered from activ’s experienced head office team. 

With the Location franchise, franchisees can expect to establish a physical presence in their communities, serving local businesses with tailored digital marketing strategies, growing their business in a secured exclusive mapped area. They can become THE digital marketing expert in their area 

The new look Consultant Franchise, has been developed to present an opportunity for established marketing professionals to grow their business without having to employ anyone, using a full team of experts in activ’s head office team. Consultant franchisees will leverage their existing expertise and grow their existing marketing business with the support of activ’s head office team. 

activ Digital Marketing’s unique franchise model allows franchisees to seamlessly plug into activ’s head office marketing team. The head office team becomes a one-stop shop for marketing requirements, eliminating the pain of having to communicate with differing expertise across different businesses, therefore freeing up valued time to secure new business and consequently grow their business. 

Additionally, having the gift of time to service existing clients by providing expert digital marketing services, franchisees become an invaluable asset to businesses, driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth. This integration ensures that franchisees are not just service providers but indispensable partners, working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve their marketing goals.

activ’s managing director Katie Bullon is passionate about the new offering and the opportunity it will provide, 

“Franchisees with activ Digital Marketing will enjoy the best of both worlds with this new offering we have developed. They will get the freedom of self-employment but the priceless, robust support of the head office. 

“Our experienced professionals in head office will serve our location franchisees as mentors, guiding franchisees through every step of their entrepreneurial journey. From comprehensive training programs to ongoing support, we’ll ensure that franchisees have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in the competitive digital marketing landscape”.

Our new Consultant Franchise offering also provides this mentorship, training and support should the consultant request this but for those that apply for this franchise option, we understand their may be less demand for mentorship but delegation will be a huge factor. The consultant franchise is an opportunity for those already running their own marketing business but have reached a ‘pain-point’ where they are perhaps having to turn down client work because they are unable to facilitate the work due to excessive workload. This new option provides that path for growth without the stress of employing staff. We at head office can complete work for this franchisee allowing new business to be taken on and therefore their own business growth.

Bullon added, “Becoming an activ Digital Marketing franchisee means joining a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals. Franchisees are not just entrepreneurs; they are part of a family where everyone celebrates each other’s successes. 

“With activ Digital Marketing, franchisees have their own cheerleaders, motivating them to reach new heights in their business endeavours.

“We want to invite passionate individuals who are eager to make a mark in the digital marketing industry to explore the exciting franchise opportunities available. Whether you prefer to establish a local presence or work remotely as a consultant, activ Digital Marketing’s two Franchise models provides the platforms and support you need to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing”.

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