Discover the Benefits of Joining activ digital marketing franchise at the Annual Franchise Forum

Bristol, 1st May 2024 – activ Digital Marketing Franchise recently hosted its highly anticipated Annual Franchise Forum (AFF) in Bristol, serving as a central meeting point for franchisees from across the nation. 


This event, filled with learning, sharing best practices, and celebrating achievements, highlighted the exceptional support and community that activ offers to its franchise partners.


Event Highlights:


  1. Franchisee Satisfaction at an All-Time High 


The event began with the announcement of an impressive 82% franchisee satisfaction rate – via a survey run through WorkBuzz. This milestone reflects the strong support and resources provided by activ Digital Marketing Franchise, fostering a thriving and content franchise community. 


For prospective franchisees, this satisfaction rate underscores the positive experience and support you can expect when joining the activ family.


  1. Performance Review and Future Plans 


A comprehensive review of the past year’s performance was conducted, highlighting key successes and areas of improvement. The marketing and business plan for 2024/25 was unveiled, setting ambitious goals and strategic initiatives. 


New franchisees will benefit from these well-laid plans, ensuring a solid foundation to hit the ground running with their own digital marketing business in their territory.


  1. Growth Mindset Session by Managing Director Katie 

Managing Director Katie Bullon, an award-winning marketer who has been with activ for 10 years, led an inspiring session on cultivating a growth mindset. Attendees gained valuable insights on how to embrace challenges, foster resilience, and drive personal and professional growth within their franchises. This session exemplifies the ongoing personal development and support you’ll receive as part of the activ network.


  1. Expert Presentations by Franchisees


Three standout franchisees shared their expertise on critical topics:


  • Lisa from the North Essex territory discussed effective networking strategies.
  • Jen from the Ludlow territory presented on creating engaging Instagram Reels.
  • Mark from the Kingston territory provided insights on SEO tactics to boost online visibility. 


These presentations demonstrate the collaborative and supportive environment within activ franchise, where franchisees learn from each other’s successes and best practices.


  1. New Franchise Show Reel and Content Creation 


The event featured the production of a new franchise show reel, capturing the dynamic and vibrant spirit of the activ franchise community.


A professional cameraman and photographer were on hand to gather high-quality content for ongoing use, showcasing the energy and enthusiasm of the franchise network. 


This content will serve as valuable marketing material for new franchisees, helping to promote your business from day one.


  1. Training Schedule for the Coming Year 


Tom and Mark from the head office team presented the comprehensive training schedule for the upcoming year. This schedule is designed to equip franchisees with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their businesses and is part of an internal CPD scheme. With this robust training program, new franchisees will have the confidence and competence to succeed.


  1. Celebrating Excellence with the activ Awards 


A highlight of the Annual Franchise Forum was the activ Awards, where four outstanding franchisees were recognised for their exceptional performance across various territories. These awards celebrate the dedication, hard work, and success of our franchisees, inspiring others within the network to strive for excellence. 


The activ Awards underscore the high standards and achievements possible within the activ franchise community, highlighting the potential for new franchisees to achieve similar success.


The Annual Franchise Forum not only celebrated the achievements of the past year but also laid the groundwork for an exciting future. activ Digital Marketing Franchise is poised for continued success, driven by a supportive and ambitious network of franchisees. 


For those seeking a balanced work-life dynamic and the opportunity to run their own digital marketing business, there has never been a better time to join activ.


For more information about joining activ franchise and running your own fully supported digital marketing business, please visit the activ franchise Profile.

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