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Dad in trouble

IF CARLING DID BUSINESS MODELS….this franchise would be the most secure business model in the world.

An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes in a particular field…and we’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Over the last 14 years we really have been there, seen it and got the t-shirt. Rewind 14 years ago and our dining table doubled as a makeshift office; the glitchy computer had to simply “do”.

We kept our client files on an external hard drive. Our invoicing system was an Excel spreadsheet (and of course we kept forgetting which number invoice we were on!) although we felt we were making progress when Steven rebuilt an old PC as an SQL server that generated official-looking ones in pdf files.

Our “call answering service” was us remembering to charge our battered mobile phones. We didn’t know what a “CRM database” was, knew nothing of a “marketing strategy” and if someone had told us about something called, “diary management” we would have laughed.

But we were helping people represent themselves in family court (and we were particularly good at it) so it didn’t matter, right?!

The reality was we had to deal with non-payers, admin and paperwork that seemed to breed like rabbits. And we NEVER took a day off. We literally worked 7 days a week and even answered client calls on Christmas Day. If we worked as hard as we could 24/7, we could just about pay the bills.

We were helping people…but we were exhausted and close to burnout.

Making a difference

We were really making a difference to people’s lives. We were helping people be saved from their abuser; we helped dads be reunited with their children. We assisted people in getting their finances sorted for the next stage of their lives.

These were life changing events! Clients would cry with gratitude. We LIVED for this, and you know what…we were making a successful business from doing it! Sort of.
We’re not solicitors

70% of people who walk through the virtual and real family court doors represent themselves these days. Many of them use someone like us.

Or at least, a little like us. We’re the market leaders in `non legal’ legal support. We’ve increasingly got the message out there that we’re the only alternative to a solicitor. From simple cases just requiring help preparing a statement all the way through long, contentious and thorny cases dealt with High Court judges in the Royal Courts of Justice, we’ve got it covered.

It’s the world’s worst kept secret: People these days either don’t want to use a solicitor or they can’t afford one.

We bridge that gap. We’re not solicitors. But we know the law. We know how it works. And what’s more? We know it’s not just about filling the paperwork in, going to court and going through `the process’. It’s about how you feel about it, how you deal with it and how not to get worn down by it all.

And there’s more: No one knows the case, or their ex, like they do. We found that people felt empowered by representing themselves. What they needed was the help and guidance through the minefield of family court.

That’s what we do.

COVID- the year when everyone joined US online.

We became extremely successful and then the global pandemic hit! Everyone’s doors and businesses closed. Except ours! We already had established systems in place, we had a CRM, a marketing strategy, a kick ass website, call answering service, online payment systems.

While the work was just discovering Zoom and Dropbox, we had been using that in place for ages! It came about as a wish to be able to work remotely where-ever possible and to maximise flexibility (we have assisted clients around the world and have put together legal documents in places where we really should have just been enjoying the sun!

Work was now being done exclusively at home (Spoiler alert: that is set to continue for the most part). We decided to franchise, and BOY were we proud and pleased at what we had created.

Hindsight is 20/20

Over the last decade and a half, we have a six-figure sum investing in systems, training and upgrading to get where we are today. We’ve also taken years to develop processes, system, connections and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t.

In the context of the investment for joining our team…it’s fair to say it’s a bargain! For £13,995+VAT we’re offering (among many other things):

  • Basically a “business in a box” (with everything you need to trade)
  • A COVID and recession proof business (we’ve done it – lockdowns have seen us flourish, not founder)
  • Business leads passed to our franchisees
  • Being part of a team that stretches across the country.
  • Access to hands on franchisors for ongoing training and support.
  • Regular catch-up sessions to make sure you’re on track.
  • Use of a strong brand.
  • Much, much more!

If I had been offered the above 14 years ago, I would have bitten their arm off! Earn money while working from home and making a difference in people’s lives. Does life get any better than that?

You don’t need a legal background to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, BTW. It’s covered in the training and it’s an ongoing thing.

You’re going to generate a decent income, be able to work from home and do something that is seriously meaningful for your clients.

Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and tell you more!

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